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China Bottle Packaging Machinery Expo in Nanjian Nov. 2-4, 2010

Time and place:

Nov. 2-4, 2010

Nanjing International Exhibition Center, D Hall, E Hall


Charge Standard:

Standard Booth: 9000 RMB / 9 sqm
Raw Space: 900 RMB / sqm (minimum 36sqm)



Application Deadline:
September 30, 2010



 Contact us:

China Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation
China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association
Exhibition department


Tel:86-10-68525634 64882079 64882410

The number of China's current annual output of glass bottles is 5 million tons. The number of plastic bottles annual production is 300 million tons. The number of the plastic bottle production among it is the fastest-growing output with the annual market capacity of about 200 million tons. Since the plastic bottles are convenient to carry, easy to produce and recycle and with the characteristics of not afraid of dropping and vibrations, it has broken the domination of glass bottles. The production of plastic bottles is growing rapidly, becoming the fastest-growing products of the bottle industry. In recent years, China's bottle industry has been focused on adjusting the industrial structure, changing the economic growth mode, enhancing the independent research and development capabilities, and continuously reducing product resource consumption and pollution, and forming the differentiation of the market competition pattern. The idea of "green package", pollution preventing and environmental protection, has become the important development direction of China's bottle industry. Using advanced energy-saving technology, improving the labor productivity, product concentration and health and safety requirements has become the development trend of China's bottle industry.  


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Exhibition category
Plastic Machinery and equipments: Mold Injection Machine, extruder, blow molding machine, strapping machine, blowing machine, plastic extruder, strapping tool, Vacuum Plastic Absorbing Machine, Pad Printing Machine, screen printing machine, stamping machine, Packaging Machinery, Hot Transfer Printing Machine and label printing machine, plastic pipe machine; detecting instrument, packaging machines, test equipment and related auxiliary equipment and spare part, etc.
Plastic mold and die technology and equipment; measuring instruments: color measurement device and other measuring, monitoring and recording equipment.
Plastic raw materials and additives: general-purpose plastic raw materials, multifunctional concentrate, accessories, etc.
Plastic packaging containers: plastic cups, plastic pallet, cosmetic bottles, health care products bottle, mineral water, beverage PET bottles, aluminum-plastic compound bag, Pharmaceutical Packaging Bottle infusion bag, shrink film, PE, PP, OPP plastic bags, plastic woven bag, plastic Container, etc.;
Glass-ceramic packaging containers: glass bottles drinks, wine, premium liquor, daily chemical perfume shaped bottles, condiment, medicine bottles, ampoule bottle, injection bottles;
Cover System Equipments: PE and metal cap processing equipment.

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